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Simply Better Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

曾道人 www.rq63q.cn Growing Wi-Fi demands outstripping your IT resources? No problem. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi radically simplifies WLAN setup and management. Cloud based networking means you can provision, monitor and troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network through a single web dashboard or mobile app.

The Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi service works with a wide variety of Ruckus access points (APs). You get easy management. Your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience – fast, reliable and secure.

Intuitive Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi takes the complexity out of deploying and managing your Wi-Fi network. Even a small IT staff can keep pace with the longest list of Wi-Fi demands—new users, guest networks, Wi-Fi-enabled buildings and campuses. Ruckus checks all the boxes for simple, intuitive cloud managed Wi-Fi:

  • Remote setup of additional APs and new sites in minutes
  • Intuitive web interface with virtually no learning curve
  • Full-featured mobile app for anywhere, anytime network management and monitoring

Exceptional Wi-Fi User Experience

Ruckus is known for exceptional Wi-Fi performance even under the most challenging network conditions. This means exceptionally happy users. Get the best of both worlds–easy cloud Wi-Fi management together with the best APs in the industry.

Lower WLAN Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

You can count on Wi-Fi demands increasing. But can you count on budgets increasing, too? Here's one way to keep growth and budgets aligned: reduce the TCO of your WLAN infrastructure. Our APs offer better capacity and coverage, often able to support 30-50% more clients than competitive solutions. Think of all the APs you won't need to buy, plus the associated expenses you'll save. A more cost-efficient infrastructure is definitely the way to grow.

Use our TCO calculator to compare WLAN deployment costs with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi and other providers.

Protect Your AP Investment

Wi-Fi technology is changing at a dizzying rate. Your own wireless environment is probably changing constantly, too. You may decide to shift your WLAN management approach. With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi network investments are protected.

  • Change WLAN management from cloud to on-premises controller or vice versa
  • APs continue to work if subscription ends*

*APs will be on last known configuration, but without management capabilities and services that require connection to the Ruckus Cloud

Wide Range of Supported Access Points

Cloud Wi-Fi works with a wide range of indoor and outdoor Ruckus access points. View currently supported APs.

Pay as You Grow

With cloud-managed Wi-Fi, you only pay for the APs you manage. Choose from 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription terms.

Try Cloud Wi-Fi for 60 Days

Free Ruckus 802.11ac AP with Trial

For qualified users who meet our terms and conditions*. If you need a Ruckus AP, a Ruckus Networks representative will contact you with further details.

Let’s Get Your Free Trial Started

We told you that Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi simplifies WLAN management. Try it for yourself. No obligation, no credit card required. See how easy it is to set up, monitor and manage.

  • Free 60-day trial of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi
  • Free Ruckus 802.11ac access point*
  • Free Ruckus Cloud mobile app for anywhere management
  • Free phone and chat support

Want to talk to someone?

We’ll get back to you within one business day.
[email protected]

*Free Trial and AP Terms and Conditions

Start your trial now



  • Number of APs Supported
    Virtually unlimited
  • Clients
    Virtually unlimited
  • Physical Size
  • Ethernet Ports
  • Authentication Support
    PSK, DPSK, 802.1x, Active Directory, RADIUS, Cloudpath, SMS, social login, open
  • Guest Networking / Captive Portal
  • DHCP Server
    External or assigned
  • AP Discovery and Control
  • Management Interface
    Web, mobile app
  • Management Protocol(s)
  • VLAN Support
    Dynamic VLANs
  • Deployment
    Local Breakout
  • Power Supply
    APs powered using PoE or optional power supply
  • Fans

High-Performance APs

  • Management of a wide range of indoor and outdoor Ruckus APs, including the latest Ruckus 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 APs
  • Automatic load balancing (between APs)
  • Airtime fairness
  • Easy-to-configure, secure, and reliable mesh networking

Full-Featured Mobile App

  • Scan to register APs to the Ruckus Cloud
  • Push notifications for alarms
  • Monitor status of AP, WLAN and clients
  • Create and configure new SSIDs (enterprise or guest)
  • Customize captive portal elements (images and message)
  • Schedule SSIDs by day of the week and time of day
  • Native iOS and Android app

Zero-touch Provisioning

  • Zero-touch AP provisioning and bulk scanning
  • Auto-updates of firmware once APs are connected to Ruckus Cloud

Employee Wi-Fi

Multiple employee authentication options
  • Dynamic pre-shared key (DPSK)
  • Traditional PSK (WPA/WPA2)
  • 802.11x with AAA and dynamic VLAN support
Additional Specifications
Ability to set bandwidth rate limit per client and per SSID

Guest Wi-Fi

Flexible authentication options
  • Open, SMS, email, click-through, passcode
  • Social networking login (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • PSK, captive portal, sponsored guest
Control access to network resources
  • Time-based scheduling of SSIDs
  • Free Wi-Fi with lock-out period and simple unblock options
Granular administrative controls
  • Per WLAN aggregate bandwidth limit
  • Per WLAN and per client bandwidth limit
Additional Specifications
  • Bulk creation of guest credentials
  • Guest manager (front desk) admin portal
  • MAC caching to allow repeat customers quick access to guest Wi-Fi
  • Easily customizable built-in captive portal
  • Integration with third-party guest Wi-Fi marketing platforms including Linkyfi, Purple Wi-Fi and more
  • Captive portal languages: English, Danish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Polish

Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (DPSK)

  • More secure than PSK, DPSK enables easy implementation of unique PSKs for each device
  • Generate PSKs individually or upload in bulk for known devices
  • Set password complexity and expiration policies
  • Export DPSK list for your records

Cloudpath Support

  • Add-on service enables self-service onboarding and granular per user, per device-based policy
  • Muse? multiple certificate sources, including built-in public key infrastructure (PKI), Microsoft CA and InCommon, provides stronger security than passwords/PSKs
  • Cloudpath subscription sold separately

Security, Privacy & Protection

  • All traffic to and from the cloud is encrypted
  • Only AP and client management traffic is sent to the cloud
  • Client data traffic stays local (broken out to local LAN and sent through your existing firewall)
  • All data stored in Ruckus Cloud is encrypted at rest
  • Ruckus offers EU-located datacenters for European customers
  • Latest security patches are automatically updated
  • Role-based access control is provided for administrative privileges
  • Admin is able to grant and revoke access to partners and Ruckus support
  • Client isolation is enabled by default for guest SSID
  • SSID scheduling prevents unauthorized use of Wi-Fi network
  • Advertise only certain APs within a venue
  • View the Ruckus Cloud privacy policy

Built-in Reporting & Analytics

10 different report options
  • Traffic per AP, per SSID, per venue, per radio
  • Top 10 applications
  • Session details
  • Unique client reports (tracking 2.4 vs. 5GHz clients over time)
Up to 6 months data storage for trending with big data analytics
  • Big data architecture using Hadoop multi-node clusters
  • Indexed structured reporting for fast access

Other Management Highlights

  • Ability to select RF policies, WLAN types (private, public, sponsored guest), guest access options, QoS and VLANs
  • Flexibility to segment APs within a venue into different AP groups
  • Channel and power control per venue, per AP group and per AP
  • Configuration of LAN ports on AP (certain models only) at the venue or at the AP level to connect wired desktops, printers and other devices or to extend network over mesh
  • Automatic or selectable band balancing (between 2.4 and 5GHz radios on the same AP)
  • Global search by Mac address, username, hostname, OS type, IP address, AP name logs pre-filtered by venue, WLAN, APs, clients
  • Google Maps integration
  • Ability to import floor plans to visualize physical location of APs


  • Remotely reboot APs, pull diagnostics information
  • Get notifications of network status via SMS or email
  • Event logs are sorted by venue, SSID, AP, client
  • Alarms are generated for AP status
  • View historical client data to troubleshoot issues that happened in the past

Partner Admin Delegation

  • Delegate management of your Wi-Fi network to a Ruckus authorized VAR (value added reseller)
  • Revoke administrative privileges at any time

Cloud Data Center

  • Hosted in USA and Europe on world-class IAAS provider
  • ISO 27001 information security certification
  • SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications
  • Stringent physical, data access, data disposal security measures
  • Per-tenant migration capabilities
  • Green carbon-neutral facilities
  • Dedicated inter-DC fiber connectivity
  • Ability to choose the hosting region for your service (USA or EU)

Technical Support

  • Easy button access to support
  • 24x7 chat/online ticketing system/phone support
  • U.S.-based Ruckus NOC
  • AP hardware warranty is covered separately with the AP purchase (refer to AP datasheet); advanced hardware replacement for each AP is sold separately


  • 1-, 3- and 5- year subscriptions
  • Special 5-year subscriptions for State and Local Governments and Education
Belleville School District

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Enables High-Density Learning

Minooka Intermediate School

District Equipped With An Easy-to-manage Network And Reliable Cloud-based Wi-fi

Chuze Fitness

Chuze Fitness Ups Its Game with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

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